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Seafood products

  • BFIS03 King Frost Fish Cakes 60 x 56g Black
  • BFIS06 King Frost Fish Cakes 36 x 84g Blue
  • BFIS07 King Frost Fish Cakes 24 x 113g Red
  • BFIS09 Larry's Fish Cakes 4oz 113g 24's
  • BFIS20 Arctic Royal Wholetail Scampi 10 x 454g
  • BFIS22 Blue Marlin Wholetail Scampi 10 x 1lb
  • BFIS26 Calamari - Squid in Batter 12 x 500g
  • BFIS31 Blanchbait 18 x 454g
  • BFIS42 Youngs Cod Fish Fingers Battered Jumbo 36 x 70g
  • BFIS78 Youngs Fish Fingers Breaded Standard 6 x 60 x 25g
  • BFIS88 Whitby Seafood Platter, Breaded 30's
  • OFIS14 Amanda Roe Tinned 12 x 600g
  • PRAW90 Granit Shell on Prawns 90/120 5kg
  • PRAW31 Catch Brand Peeled Prawns 150/250 5 x 1.5kg

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