Pies & Pasties

Pies & Pasties

Great tasting Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls from leading brands.

Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

  • PIES01 Pukka Pie, Steak & Kidney, Unwrapped 1x12
  • PIES02 Pukka Pie, Chicken & Mushroom, Unwrapped 1x12
  • PIES03 Pukka Pie, Beef & Onion, Unwrapped 1x12
  • PIES08 Pukka Pie, Potato, Cheese & Onion, Unwrapped 1x12
  • PIES10 Pukka Wrapped Steak & Ale Pie 1x12
  • PIES11 Pukka Pie, Wrapped, Steak & Kidney 1x12
  • PIES12 Pukka Pie, Wrapped, Chicken & Mushroom 1x12
  • PIES13 Pukka Pie, Wrapped, Beef & Onion 1x12
  • PIES15 Pukka Pasty Wrapped, Cheese & Onion 1x12
  • PIES17 Pukka, Wrapped, Jumbo Sausage Rolls 1x12
  • PIES18 Pukka, Wrapped, Stand Up Pasty 1x12
  • PIES19 Pukka Pie, All Steak, Wrapped 1x12
  • PIES21 Peters Premier Pies Wrapped Steak & Kidney L 1x12
  • PIES22 Peters Premier Pies Wrapped Chicken & Mushroom L 1x12
  • PIES23 Peters Premier Pies Wrapped Beef & Onion L 1x12

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